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side. this is breaking news. >> we begin with breaking news. the justice department has announced former cia director david petraeus' mistress paula broadwell will not be charged with cyber stocking in the scandal. you may recall harassing e-mails from her sent to a socialite launched the investigation which
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initially uncovered the affair, leading to the cia director stepping down. the investigation is ongoing. >> investigators searching for the suspect behind an early morning home invasion and shooting. this is not a random crime. >> it happened in the 9100 block of loflin road in fort washington. john gonzales has the latest from the scene. >> the initial call came into prince george's county police around 2:30 this morning. reports of shots fired inside this home. when police arrived, they found a homeowner suffering from at least one gunshot wound. armed suspects, two or three of them, and -- stormed into the house demanding cash and jewelry. >> my brother-in-law was shot in the back in a home invasion. >> relatives arrived a short time after the crime. the homeowner was shot at least once. his wife and his 16-year-old daughter were also inside.
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>> holiday season, i don't know, just a violent act. >> neighbors heard a loud bang. police checked for fingerprints and canvassed the neighborhood with dogs and high-power rifles. >> it's incredible, especially with all the things that have happened, the violence last week. >> police are trying to figure out how the intruders got into the home. the family has an alarm system and have been here 12 years. neighbors described them as some of the most pleasant on the block. >> very nice. >> detectives spent a lot of time taking pictures and collecting clues in an upstairs bedroom. the suspects took off through a window. wrynecks to me. >> the man who was shot in the back is expected to survive. his wife and daughter were not injured during the ordeal. john gonzalez, abc 7 news.
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>> a barricade situation in adelphi has ended peacefully. the standoff began late monday night after u.s. marshals tried to serve a warrant at an apartment on greenwich which drives. he was considered armed and dangerous. he was taken into custody around 6:00 a.m. m county police searching for man suspected of sexually assaulting a teenager. the man posed as a cable company employee in and threatened a 15- year-old girl to get into the home on echo court in woodbrige. he is believed to be in his 20s with a mediumh buildae at knifepoint. he was wearing black dress shoes. >> it's going to be another heartbreaking day in newtown as more children are laid to rest. >> other schools in newtown every open for the first time since the shooting. tahman bradley has the latest from connecticut. >> today will be another difficult day for residents in
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newtown, as the greeks didn't -- as the grief-stricken community gathers for more funerals. we also know that 6-year-old emily parker will be buried back in her home state of utah. a small step towards normalcy as the students had back-to-school all except sandy hook elementary school, which remains a crime scene. in the neighboring town of monroe volunteers continue preparing an unused middle school for sandy hook students to attend. >> we want to give the children the opportunity to see their new school and at to be as comfortable as they possibly can. >> promote investigation proceeds as a board is look through every inch of adam lanza's life. -- authoritiesthe investigation
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proceeds. his mother trained him to use a dangerous weapon at a time whenshe knew that he suffered from mental illness. >> it was an extremely poor decision on her part. we're talking about a psychological switzer that i think got turned on for him with access to and weapon and ready availability. >> the gunman had not seen his father or brother in two years. although he visited gun ranges, it's not clear if he practiced shooting in preparation for the massacre. tahman bradley abc news, connecticut. >> the mother of a georgetown university student was among those killed in the connecticut school shooting. school psychologist mary sherlock was the mother of katy. she and the principle have been praised for trying to stop the gunman in the front office of
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the school. the georgetown community is raising money now to help katy. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell would like to discuss army teachers. if someone at sandy hook had been armed, he says there would not have been -- there would've been an opportunity to stop this person. he has created a task force that will provide for budget proposals to address this and needs for school safety. it was an emotional gathering outside the capitol this morning where family members and accident victims read the names of their deceased loved ones. the brady campaign to prevent gun violence held the conference. after they read the names, they delivered a letter to go congress and the white house calling on an end to violence in america. >> dick's sporting goods is making big changes in the wake of the school shooting. >> brianne carter this is in the
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newsroom with details. >> after the mass shooting in connecticut, the company says on its website, "out of respect for the victims and families during this time of national mourning we have removed all guns from sale and from display in our store nearest newtown and suspended the sale of modern sporting rifles in all our stores nationwide." officials from the company also continue to offer their sympathy to those affected by the tragedy. investigators were trying to determine whether the gunman in the newtown shooting tried to buy a gun from a dick's sporting goods short in an era -- dick's sporting goods store in a nearby town. they confirmed of our arms were sold to the suspect. we have spoken to local shoppers to ask what they thought about the news to suspend certain sales. >> there's no possible way you can really keep guns out of the hands of criminals. they will go to any measures to achieve that power in their
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hands. they thrive off that more than anything. it is a sad thing. >> no word on how long goods sales of certain types of guns will last. another national retailer, wal- mart says it has not made any changes to the different types of guns sold in its stores. brianne carter, abc 7. >> stay with abc 7 news and for the latest developments in the school shooting coverage. >> warmer than normal temperatures for this time of year. let's check in with jacqui jeras. for our >> 60 degrees at reagan national at this hour. mild. we started a dreary. we have a few sprinkles to the north and west of d.c. we're seeing that in frederick county and washington county. most of these are dying out as they cross over the mountains into the metro. a couple clouds, 61 degrees.
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wind becoming blustery out of the west. if you are traveling today the been may cause you travel delays. notice the storm in the southwest. that will impact our weather later this week. more on that in a minute. looking for a windy afternoon with sunshine and a few sprinkles early to our north and west. we will go back to the news desk. >> thank you. two weeks until the country goes over the fiscal cliff. house speaker john boehner is working up a backup plan in case a deal cannot be reached. he is proposing a new piece of legislation that would lead to an increase in tax breaks for people making more than $1 million and cancel an increase for those making less than that. he's holding out hope broader deal can be reached batista's when it comes to a balanced plan, the president, "is not there yet." >> still to come, reaching out and getting how the redskins are helping
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christmas happen early for hundreds of children. >> good news keeps coming for redskins quarterback r.g. iii how he is making history of the field. >> 7 is on your side with new details on federal fines toyota is facing. >> jacqui jeras will be back to tell us how long these skies will hang around.
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>> you are watching abc 7 "news at noon" with scott thuman and cynne simpson. this is abc 7 news at noon, on your side. >> a lot of redskins fans could be getting r.g. iii jerseys for christmas according to the nfl
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the jersey has sold more than any other player's jersey in a single season since police started keeping track six years ago. a spokesman for adidas says that his line of socks has sold out. so he is winning over fans from top to bottom. >> they are preparing for their game against the eagles' next sunday. a few players took a break this morning to help some children in need. >> the redskins locker room was transformed into santa's toy shop. jummy olabanji has more from fedex field. >> fedex field is santos workshop. the washington redskins to charitable foundation hosted its annual toy giveaway and the kids were ecstatic. what do you think about the redskins giving you guys pickegifts? >> i like it. >> which one will you'll shoes?
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>> i don't know yet. >> the the redskins partnered with the marines toys for tots program this year. >> to be able to help parents and families to need a little extra help this year. >> i'm excited. >> this redskins player helped the kids. >> growing up, i never had a chance to meet a professional athlete. it's important to show them who we are as people and not just football players. >> each child will go home with a new toy. the redskins hope they will leave with memories to last a lifetime. doug's best memory is his father dressing up as santa claus. >> it is something that always sticks out in my mind. >> it means a lot to the
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community, because we are giving back and they can see more than just the redskins on tv. >> jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> looks like the kids have a blast. >> that gets you in the holiday spirit. another way to get in the holiday spirit, i took the camera along to the white house open house. i wanted to share with you how amazing it is inside. >> day? -- they deck it out for the holidays. >> you will click on the p hotos tab on the right and go to the gallery. what i wanted to show you some of my favorites. just beautiful. in the great entrance is a life-
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size bo in lights and a little boy who is excited. in the east room, this is the mantle. beautiful decorations in the blue room. a 18 foot fir trees from north carolina. and look at the intricate details. and a popular site, the dining room the white house. it is really neat. we bring it to you. >> amazing. a beautiful day to enjoy some of the lights if you want to cruise around this evening. >> not bad but a little breeze. and a couple spotty showers. did you catch the sunrise this morning? >> it was purple. it was beautiful. >> we were able to catch it for you on the time lapse. with the cloudiness.
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and we had our window washers. i captured a really cool image of the clouds on my facebook page and i tweeted it. an image of albert einstein, so take a look at it. showing a couple sprinkles, what we call wraparound moisture on the backside of this area of low pressure. as it moves across the mountains, it fizzles out for the most part. a little action in martinsburg and frederick county. 61 degrees. there's a strong west wind at 16 miles an hour, so it feels a little cooler. we are seeing fifties across the region for the most part. 57 in manassas and frederick typified in gaithersburg at this hour. high temperatures this afternoon in the '50s through the mid- atlantic. cooler air behind the cold
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front. he will not feel a huge difference in temperature is between today and tomorrow despite the clearing and despite a cooler breeze coming in from the west. we are tracking a strong storm in the southwest that will be moving into the plains states tomorrow and could bring blizzard conditions to colorado to kansas and nebraska and iowa and wisconsin. rain and not snow for us. partly sunny isolated showers possible to the north and west. otherwise breezy today. 58-62 degrees. tonight, mostly clear, 28-35. wednesday looks really good with sunshine and 54 degrees. the cold front approaches on thursday bringing the chance of showers thursday afternoon. it will drop like a rock behind the cold front. windy and much colder on friday.
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temperatures stay down in the 40's on the weekend and early next week. chances of a white christmas a week from now zero. >> not happening. >> cynne has a beef. >> you said that there was albert einstein in the clouds in the picture. it is a character from the never ending story, the flying dog creature. >> i also saw thomas dickersonje fferson. and the character from the christmas carol. cracks coming up>> we don't know if the world will end on friday, but find out how some people are preparing. if >> on "katie" today,, hugh jackman brings his talent and charisma to the show.
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the performer and father of two opens up about marriage, adoption, and infertility struggles. and there's a battle
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> and good news. nbc says that its chief foreign correspondent richard ankle and his production team have been freed from kidnappers in syria after a dramatic fire fight. -- richard engel. there were held captive five days. the entire crew was found unharmed and the team is now in turkey. >> a new word about federal fines against toyota. the government has led to a 17.4 million fine against the automaker for failing to report safety problems and allaying recalls. it is the highest fine allowed by law. four fines totalled has been given in the past few years for similar infractions. >> friday marks the end of the mayan calendar and some people believe it is doomsday. the army are and -- owner of an
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army surplus store in dallas says that his customers have been preparing for years stockpiling gas masks and building bunkers. but there's no cause for alarm. >> the maya did not predict an end to the world, but they predicted things would go on for thousands of years after 2012 >> . we will have to wait until friday to see what happens. still ahead, a final look at the weather.
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>> we cannot complain. that's the one thing you have to say. >> not at all. i think we should celebrate. >> it's kind of crazy. a couple sprinkles to the north and west. 61 degrees on right now. that's good. staying in the 50's for the most part this afternoon. sunshine and 54 degrees by tomorrow spirit. >> thanks for joining us this midday. we will see you back here for "good morning washington." >> be sure to watch abc 7 news at 5:00. have a great day, everyone.
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